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Salsa with Norwegian lyrics!

Hovedøen social club is an intriguing project put together by Sverre Indris Joner. This sextet plays popular Norwegian songs that are re-arranged and played as authentic Cuban Salsa. Hovedøen social club likes to describe this project as an alternative and exciting musical research project - Contrafactive music-history!

This is based on the following hypothesis:

What if todays/yesterdays Norwegian popular music was transported to another time and place?
What if Lynni Trekrem or The Kids got lost in a time-machine that ends up in the year 1950 in the practice room of the legendary Cuban pianist Peruchin?If so, their original hits are in capable hands.
What if, almost, forgotten Norwegian songs like "Når kastanjene blomstrer i Bygdøy Allé", "Jeg tror på sommeren" and "La meg være ung" adopted new life with bloodstreams that swells with vitality and hips that melts with sensuality?
Unknown possibilities, designed to moisten up the most rigid sceptic, unveils itselves on the horizon.
To further strengthen this hypothesis Sverre Indris Joner has handpicked a research-team with exceptional knowledge to simulate these fictional historical events.

The research theme

Sverre indris Joner - piano, the research-team´s leader will take on the daunting task to channel Peruchin´s spirit and to recreate the magic and inspiration from this time. Joining him is an all-star team that deserves much respect:

Carlos Del Puerto - Bass.
Known from the legendary and innovative Cuban Latin Jazz band Irakere.

Pepe Espinosa - Congas.
Known from bands like Bamboleo, Cubanismo, Klimax and many others.

Luis Alvaro Varona - trumpet.
From a family that breeds genre-defying trumpet players.

You will also find the Cuban Oslo citizens Eduardo Cedeño on Congas and Sergio Gonzalez on lead vocals both known from the band La Descarga.

An all-star team that destiny has placed on the northern hemisphere to spread syncopated polyrythms throughout the nordic countries.


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  1. saludos desde colombia, felcitaciones una propuesta diferente