miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008


by Elvia Rosa Castro

Meeting place , a show by Javier Guerra and René Rodríguez, is a custom operation, a scanning to verify points of contact, connections, links, etc., etc., in the work of these two creators. It is a check point that, with procedures unlike the “real” ones in use, is gone through with great pleasure.

All of a sudden the officer frowns, as if detecting some anomaly in the documents. Then he smiles looking at the artists and in his eyes we see that everything is in order: he understood the wink.

In 1978, Severo Sarduy was interviewed at the Spanish television program A fondo, and there he not only confessed himself to be a painter —a profession he had practiced with a certain modesty— but he stated one of his utopias: “Hopefully painting and literature mix, hopefully there will be no divisions between them”. Maybe his wish was nothing but the outcome of a vanguard frustration —French, by the way— given at the start in Apollinaire with his Calligrammes and then with Mallarmé and his notion of the book as total work of art, eliminating the linear sequence of words and adding sounds. The latter are not speaking of painting but of vision, and it might be that Sarduy also, although we are imposed of his obsession for the chromatic range, particularly red.

Both cases show a will to decentralize in which I glimpse a scene ruled by Eros, a space whose possession will bring ideo-corporal, gymnastic pleasure. In the case of Javier and René, I cannot speak of literature in the strict sense, but of a certain writing, the one of advertising, both the one that persuades and the other that nominates a commercial space, where the linguistic sign, deprived of its iconic comrade, remains as pure evocative and annunciatory graph....

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