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The project NIGHT SHIFT is a cooperation between raketa and
the Danish artist Frank Franzen. Night shift – a new platform
in the public space, in the shape of a temporary alternative
newspaper with thirteen editions at Nytorget in Stockholm during
the period 31 May – 13 June 2008.

Every night a new work will be produced that comments the daily
news – the work will be put up the following morning at 10.00
o´clock and will then bee shown for 24 hours.

Burma salong
Wednesday 4 June 2008, 19.00-22.00
at raketa in Nytorget 15 A Stockholm

Night Shift and Raketa invite you to a Burma salong where
Åsa Ståhl will report about here and Erik Sandelins experiences
from meetings, artists and cooperations during winter 2007/08.

”You can be our window”, an artist from Burma said to Erik Sandelin
and Åsa Ståhl where they spent 10 weeks during this winter. ”You can
tell the world about Burma and you can tell us about the world outside.”

GUEST: Karin Strandås, chairman of the Swedish Burmacommitte

Listen to talks and discussions which not is suited for printing, since
burma is a country with big ears, bring your own questions and thoughts to
Night shifts Burma salong !

consists of :

Frank Franzen (DK)
Peter Lind (DK)
Sophie Hjerl (DK)
Nils Claesson (SV)
Anastasia Ax (SV)
Karin Lundgren Tallinger (SV)
Roger Connah (UK),
IC 98 - Visa Suonpaa / Patrik Söderlund (FI)
Åsa Ståhl / Erik Sandelin (SV)
Karin Hansson (SV)
r a k e t a (SV)

r a k e t a
Nytorget 15 A
116 40 Stockholm

r a k e t a INSTITUTE runs interdisciplinary cooperations and experiment
within art, design, architectur and digital media -

THANKS: Stockholms Läns Bildningsförbund & the Danish Arts Agency

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