sábado, 15 de marzo de 2008

fotografia cubana comtenporanea

Michel Pou

Christine Tolpinrud from Norway visited Cuba recently and came back with material for three articles on Cuban photography based on her impressions a stay in Havana. The articles are written in Norwegian and are richly illustrated with works mainly by Cuban photographers. Christine, herself a photographer, has personally met and interviewed most of the artists she brings forward in this series of articles. She writes in a humorous style and gives you a sense of the Havana atmosphere from her point of view. She gets invited to parties, meets people in Old Havana and participates in the artists’ life at openings and in the daily work. The articles are published in the web-site www.fotopia.no at the following links:

Pedro Abascal

Pedro Abascal

Liudmila y Nelson

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