lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

“Unrestricted free agent”

Exhibitions Alexis Parra Pucho: “Unrestricted free agent”

Unrestricted free agents” are players that are no longer part of a team. They may have been released form their club, or their contract has expired without renewal. Such players are free to accept offers from other clubs and can decide for themselves with whom they want to sign up.
Alexis Parra Pucho is born in Havana, Cuba in 1966. He shows an installation of objects and light. Se

We were cooking dinner one evening, when we suddenly decided it was time to redecorate the kitchen. I did not know that this was also the moment where the idea for my next exhibition was born. The days passed very fast with a lot of work, planning and building. After two months, the terrace was filled with left over materials: undefinable wooden pieces and strange metal parts along with a large amount of seemingly useless packaging in carton. Different trinkets in strange shapes you could not know the origin of or what the use for them could be in the future.

Looking at all that debris against the woods where I live in Nesodden, Norway, I thought about the production and market for all this, China and IKEA and the Norwegian society, user manuals, consumers, buy and throw and recirculation? How many lives are packaged in IKEA?

The carton box as a flat-packed shape contains an exciting surprise, the mystery of opening and closing, construct and tear down, the feeling of opening a present. The pretext was there, the potential could be found in the things.
But what language do we need to process this? Of course work is international! We all know the best language to use tools… you just have to get going; I can find the users manual.

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