viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Before Your Very Eyes

Pictures by Phile Deprez

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Gob Squad proudly present
a live show with real children.
A rare and magnificent
opportunity to witness seven lives
lived in fast forward…
Before Your Very Eyes!

You probably don’t remember the historic day when you first saw yourself in the mirror. Perhaps a big person dangled you before the reflective surface, curious to see if you would recognize yourself. Perhaps you crawled towards the shiny surface or perhaps you clambered on to the side of the bath to steal that first glance at what you will come to recognize as you... that entity that you are going to refer to as “I” for the whole of your life. Later you touch the surface of the looking glass in wonder at the whole reversed world on the other side. Are the rules the same? If you moved quickly enough, perhaps you could surprise yourself. If only you could somehow get through, would you meet yourself, or would you simply trade places with your own reverse version? Would the world beyond the mirrors reach actually exist or did it require the reflection to bring it into being? Hardly a day will pass that you will not see this other self, accidentally or consciously staring back, checking and affirming itself. Like rehearsing your own signature, at some point you will have to take control and develop strategies and poise to deal with this other you that is forever changing before your very eyes.

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