jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Cuatro Esquinas

PELOTA and afterwards a party
Pelota means ball in Spanish, in Cuba this often means baseball, the national sport. A baseball-inspired game played in the streets of Havana is the starting point for this project. It is called "Cuatro Esquinas" (Four Corners) It is played in teams of four players, no bats or special clothes are required and there is no judge. What is needed is a tennis ball, preferably cooked and skinned and a street or square where you can mark up the stations with a piece of chalk. Style, humor and elegance are as important as the points. We will play with some Cuban players, but everyone is invited to join and learn.
Pelota is the beginning of a project where we will invite people with different background and culture to participate in a process to develop a common ball game. The new game will be based on discussions, experiences and ideas in relation to life and integration in a Norwegian climate and society.

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