viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Exposición "Tres Versiones y una Reparacion"

Norwegian Kristine Fangel established her pension in the Danish island of Bornholm last year. Fangel has experience in working with art and artists both as a former gallerist and as an administrator of an art-school. On the 14th of June she started a new activity: ”Refugiet”. Refugiet is a rebuilt chicken-pen in the garden of the pension. This will serve as a place for artists to work in, make shows in or maybe do something else, this is up to the artists to decide.

Alexis Parra in collaboration with Kristin Bergaust opened the new artist’s refugium with a project called ”Three versions and one reparation”, special guest was Gunnhild Bakke. Alexis Parra worked on rebuilding the Refugium, and the works are related to this process. Two windows were closed in one wall, they are recreated as manipulated photographs of the windows, where you can see the former view from the house with an addition of exotic birds, animals and plants. These elements are derived from 17th century natural history drawings and evokes a past where the knowledge of the world was very limited. A second wall was photographed from the outside, it is marked by plants and neglect over years. The wall is now repaired, and the graphic photograph now covers the inside. The process of restoring the third wall has been documented as a still-image animation of Alexis Parra. The animation shows Parra at work on the wall, seemingly he is at the same time repairing the famous promenade Malecon, Havanna’s border to the sea and the outside world.

Gunnhild Bakke contributed the sign on the outside of the building, as well as her sculpture titled ”In restauro” and the embroidery ”Man må aldri presse en kunstner” (You should never pressure an artist) in collaboration with young Lotte Stender.



Instalación Replanteo
Alexis Parra (Pucho)

Pared Interior del espacio (reverso)

Pared roja
foto:Alexis Parra (Pucho)

Pared exterior después

Pared exterior, antes

Hole in Bornholm
fotos: Kristin Bergaust



No se podrá nunca planchar a un artista.

In restauro
Gunnhild Bakke en colaboracion con Lotte Stender

Refugio nombre del espacio (logotipo futuro)
Gunnhild Bakke.

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