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One day in Bornholm

On a beautiful spring day in April, we went around Bornholm with Allan in TinesGjestehuz’ car. We started from the guesthouse in Allinge at 11.30 and returned five hours later.

Our first stop was in Gudhjem. We admired the harbour and the beautiful town and want to visit he museum in the home and garden of the painter Oluf Høst next time we go


In the outskirts of Svaneke, we noticed an interesting construction.
Allan told us this was a former water reservoir, designed by the famous architect of the Sydney opera, Jørgen Ützon. It was his first public comission, and it was contoversial in the town at the time of its constuction.


This intimidating construction stands in a green field between two old mills, and is no longer functioning as a water tank. It looks like a giant sculpture and there is no signs to tell you how to get close to it. But it was no problem when we parked the car in a cul-de sac as close as we could get and walked the small footpath in between the brick villas of the area. What is really strange, is that there is no information about what it is and when
and by whom it was constructed.

The two mills in the neighbourhood can be seen from the site of the water-tower. One is a Dutch windmill, the other a so called ”stub mill”- which we decided to look at more closely.By the side of the mill we found excellent information about the history and construction of this impressive functional building from 1629 (or at least 1634) The mill had to be turned around to catch the wind. Imagine how difficult it was to move this big building.The people that built the mill knew a lot about wooden materials. More than five different kinds of wood were used for the many functional parts of the mill.

The watertower and the two mills in Svaneke are all in a housing area outside the old center of the town.

In the historical center, we had lunch in the brewery. They offer a
taste of beer specialities, which Pucho and Kristin tried, while the driver Allan had to remember his earlier knowledge about this local product.

The Danish sandwich menu was tempting and the food was delicious,traditional and fresh at the same time.


Walking through the center, we passed a lottery ticket painted in the street. Allan told us that people bet on a number in the Saturday afternoon. Then a chicken is let loose to walk on the grid of numbers. Where she first make a shit, you find the winning number. We don’t know what happens if the chicken makes a dropping in the borders and crossings..

The beautiful and well-preserved buildings in Svaneke also had an interesting feature Allan made us aware of. Many have a small door in the loft to allow the owner to put the mast of a boat in the top of his house for storage in the winter.Practical!

Svaneke is known to have a strong consciousness about restoring buildings in accordance with the traditions. Colors and materials are kept close to original through communal counselling.

From Svaneke continued to Nexø,a larger town that we passed without stopping except for a short look at the childhood home of the famous writer Martin Andersen Nexø.


We went home through beautifull woods filled with flowers, birds, hares, pheasants and many other enjoyments.

Close to Tines Gjestehuz we saw the ruin of Hammershø which we want to explore more closely next time we come here.

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