sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007

Estudiantes noruegos trabajan voluntariamente para dar ayuda a países de centro América.

Warning of catastrophe!

It is expected an enormous amount of rain and wind up to the level of
typhon. We strongly advise everyone to stay inside. To move out of
is dangerous and on your own risk.

For young people in Central-America this situation is real. They
experience extreme weather conditions like floods, tyhpoons and
more and more often. You might have stopped now because you felt an
uncertainty. Youth in Central -America have to live with this
every day, month and year.

Operasjon Dagsverk this year works to secure a better future for young
people in Central America. Education is one key to this, and we will
to give them more knowledge. Knowledge to build their own future and
the daily life more secure. A stable agriculture, permanent jobs and
education are all factors that will help secure a safer everyday life.

What can you do?
As a pupil: Work on the OD day
As employer: Publish jobs on www.jobbank.no. In this way you give
Norwegian youth the possibility of working for young people in Central

Read more on: www.od.no

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